Electric, Gas & Water

Case Studies

1) Petrobras Offshore Gas Platform (pdf)

An ABB customer, sorting more than 3000 packages a day with three ABB robots, was looking for a way to track system throughput, reject rates and output by destination and utilisation.

One aspect of WebWare is its production monitoring capabilities which allows production data to be presented in a series of dynamic web pages. This simple yet powerful approach gives authorised users local and remote access to live production data through a familiar web format. Direct database support allows users to automate the capture of production data so that custom reports can then be linked to the process data for live, browser-based reporting.

2) Helps Fluxys LNG Achieve Energy Savings (pdf)

As part of a schedule of upgrades – intended to improve plant efficiency and reduce maintenance costs – Fluxys LNG decided to examine the feasibility of using a medium-voltage drive on one of the high pressure pumps used to transport LNG into the storage tanks. The aim was to obtain the desired flow rate of LNG by controlling pump speed rather than the existing method of regulation valves. The use of a variable-speed drive in this way would afford considerable power savings and, thanks to lower wear on the pump, a reduction in maintenance costs.


Staubli RX90: Wiring a domestic appliance