Case Studies

1) NY Hospital Reduces HVAC Energy Costs by 15% (pdf)

The hospital maintenance staff knew it could lower the amount of energy consumption the system used but needed assurance that patient care and comfort would remain at the highest level. Additionally, any improvements had to be balanced with equal payback in energy savings, meaning energy costs had to be reduced enough to pay for purchasing new equipment. The hospital's HVAC system relied on a closed-loop chiller, which included an on-site cooling tower and frequent air exchangers, as required by the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Health Care organizations. The closed-loop system used three loops that pumped water through the air handlers and over cooling coils to lower the temperature of the air. Fans moved the cool air from the air handler through the facility's ventilation system to individual rooms, where climate is
controlled by individual thermostats. Because the fans ran at 100 percent every day, the facility used considerably more electricity than necessary.