Case Studies

1) Losses Reduced, Paper Quality and Machine Productivity Improved for Ripasa Paper (pdf)

Ripasa looked to establish a partnership with a supplier who could integrate their automation vision into the process, on a very tight schedule.

2) ABB's Paper Machine Optimization Solutions Deliver $900,000 in Annual Savings to Tissue Mill (pdf)

A tissue maker in the USA was experiencing signifi cant non-control related issues on one of its tissue machines. These issues were impeding the machine's overall performance and a quality control system alone would not solve all of the problems. ABB proposed the Paper Machine Optimization Service and a new Quality Control System to solve this mill's challenge.

3) Improved Stability, Business Growth, and Greater Range of Products achieved by Pasadena Paper (pdf)

When Pasadena Paper's management looked for ways to grow their business, they looked to ABB for technical advice. The Pasadena, Texas operation wanted to produce a greater range of products and wanted to be sure the facility was equipped to handle the task.

4) Domtar Saves Thousands in Costly Emergency Repairs by Updating Existing Drives with ABB (pdf)

When Domtar, Inc. needed a drives system upgrade on their paper machines, they selected ABB for a cost effective, more efficient solution enabling benefits including: 50% cost savings by updating drive modules rather than replacing the entire drive system, extended reliable life time of the drives more than 7 years, and decreased production losses with updated, reliable ABB drive modules.

5) Weyerhaeuser benefits from ABB's Industrial IT Process Automation Solutions (pdf)

Weyerhaeuser (Pine Hill) has enhanced their process control with ABB's Industrial IT technology. It enables them to provide the right information to the right people - when it's needed.

6) Retrofit of Georgia Pacific Mill Pioneers First Encoder-less Electrical Operation of Paper Machine (pdf)

A complete electrical retrofit of the mill's traditional steam-turbine-driven paper machine with 13 ABB Direct Torque Control ACS 600 VFDs including a Multi-Drive configuration) and AC motors has provided "improved safety and more precise operability of the machine — and increased throughput, reliability, control, and reduced downtime," according to Plant Manager Fred Curcio. Replacement of the 1950s technology, completed in stages on the forming section and finishing end, was designed to increase capacity from 750 to 1,000 fpm. Installed on a turnkey basis by ABB systems integrator Intec Solutions, the retrofit pioneered a first for Georgia Pacific (G-P) and the paper industry: encoder-less operation of the new, sectionalized drive system.

7) Quick Return on Investment Achieved by Suzano with ABB Solution (pdf)

Suzano Papel e Celulose has three pulp and paper operations in the State of Sao Paulo. The Suzano Mill is a modern integrated pulp and paper facility that has four paper machines and one machine used for coating applications. The Suzano operations have a total pulp production capacity of 1.1 million tons per year and total paper production capacity of 820,000 tons per year.

8) Board Mill Receives 4-month Payback With Total Annual Savings of US $500,000 (pdf)

The performance of a board mill's PM#1 was neither acceptable nor profitable. In order to meet consumer-driven ring crush requirements, PM#1 required an additional two pounds of softwood fi ber. The mill contacted ABB's Service team for a solution that would take out the extra fiber while ensuring that ring crush requirements would still be met.