Case Studies

1) Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Takes Control of Its Plant Via S88 Automation Based on RSBizWare Batch (PDF)

The decision to introduce S88 batch control methodology arose out of a recognized need for the latest batch control technologies. Although each manufacturing module was (and is) compliant with GMP, the control technology in the plant was not sophisticated. One of the modules incorporated manual recipe entry and operation, with 15-year old relay logic and an unsupported microprocessor for batch-weighing. The manufacturer also wanted to increase the visibility of operation throughout the plant. So, in a move that was to set the standard for the entire plant, the company embarked on a complete automation and control system upgrade of one of the modules in the first quarter of 2001. The broad requirements of the new system were the integration of a dedicated S88- based module control system with a plant-wide manufacturing control communications network and the company's enterprise network. The new automation system was also required to demonstrate ongoing compliance with GMP.