Case Studies

1) Automation Solution Saves India Polyester Firm US$3.6 million Annually (pdf)

Innovative power automation solution saves leading India polyester firm US$3.6 million annually.

Teamwork between Rockwell Automation and Sofcon provides a high-quality, uninterrupted power supply, allowing the customer to operate smoothly and achieve the highest quality polyester filament yarn production.

2) Apparel Manufacturer Evaluates Systems Throughput, Scheduling Operations and More (pdf)

Shipments received are either warehoused or crossdocked to fulfill orders directly. Cartons of product are removed from bulk storage or hand-stack areas in order to replenish products which have been picked. The products are picked in schedules from one of 40 "pick zones" and are placed in picking totes which are then conveyed to 260 order-packing stations. Packed cartons are conveyed from the packing area to shipping, and picking totes are returned to the pick zones. Cartons are diverted to the appropriate shipping door and then loaded to complete the outbound shipments.

3) Formosa Taffeta Co. System Upgrade Boosts Productivity (pdf)

To ensure the hot-dip process delivers a consistently high-quality product, stable tension and steady line speed are critical. When tension is too loose, the wet fiber cord sticks together; when it is too tight, the cord becomes stretched and becomes waste. Inconsistent line speed causes the dipping process to become uneven and the exposure time in the oven to become inconsistent, which affects the fabric cloth quality and also resultsin waste. FTC required a reliable and stable machine that was easy to operate and maintain.