Wood & Cork

Case Studies

1) Robot sorts and stacks packaged door frames (pdf)

Ligmatech, a German specialist for automation systems in the wood processing industry, received an order for an automatic palletizing and sorting system for door frames. Previously, the customer who ordered this system had packaged the door frames after they left the production shop, stacked the cardboard boxes manually, and then merely brought them to an intermediate storage area. When an order was received, the goods
were retrieved and prepared for shipment. In looking for a new system, one requirement was that the door frames would be manufactured to meet the current demand and would be sorted and palletized by order immediately, without any intermediate storage. The user wanted to achieve a considerable improvement in cost-effectiveness through the use of significantly quicker and more flexible processes.

2) Pan Pacific Forest Industries: Automated Woodchip Conveyor System (pdf)

Pan Pacific Forest Industries increases revenue by nearly US$400,000 annually with automated wood chip conveyor system. Rockwell Automation MicroLogix solution helps turn wood chips into quick profit by enabling efficient ship loading.

3) Kopper Timber Preservation Forest Products (pdf)

A Rockwell Automation plant-wide solution improves inventory control of costly timber preservative by 5%. The new automation system permits a 50% saving in operating costs, and provides the process repeatability, efficiency and fast turnaround necessary to succeed in the third-party timber treatment market.


Kuka: Stacking wood packages.