Robotics and Automation Videos

Here are some application videos provided by our member companies. Be warned although they are MPEG encoded they are still large files and will take a long time to download.

Size Video Details
ABB Robots
100MB Video Showcasing the ABB flex-palatizer (e-Mail Request)
68MB Video Showing the ABB Flex-palatizer in the Pommery Champagne plant (e-Mail Request)
64MB Video Showing the ABB Flex-palatizer in the Plusfood babyfood factory (e-Mail Request)
Cyan Tec
KUKA Robots
70MB Video Showing the Handling of Beer Barrels (e-Mail Request)
84MB Video Showing the Handling Die Castings (e-Mail Request)
36MB Video Showing Hemming (e-Mail Request)
50MB Video Showing Arc Welding (e-Mail Request)
23MB Video Showing Press Linking (e-Mail Request)
75MB Video Showing Spot Welding (e-Mail Request)
55MB Video Showing Edwards Pearson Pressbrake VCD (e-Mail Request)
7MB Video Showing Jet Engine Compressor Case
73MB Video Showing Middlesex UP6 Assembly (e-Mail Request)
Assembly Automation
1.97MB Platen assembly system 1
1.96MB Platen assembly system 2
1.88MB Automatic stud feed and check system
1.88MB Rotary table assembly system
Automotive engine cleaning system
1.88MB Automation and handling system
1.99MB Robotic handling and automation
Leak Testing
High speed leak testing
Leak test of large drums
Plastic Machinery
1.94MB Robotic routing
'Windmill' assembly fixture