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Managing Director: Tony Gresty
Sales Director: Chris Hopkirk
UK Sales Manager - Machine Guarding: Gareth Hall


SATECH Perimeter Machine Guarding: ASG Services are proud to be the UK distributor for the SATECH range of machine guarding systems manufactured in Calco, Northern Italy. All systems are fully compliant with current legislation and conform to the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. SATECH has developed a connecting system between panel and upright that achieves remarkable time savings during assembly and height adjustment. It also allows easy re-installation of the guard after it has been removed for non-routine maintenance.
PERIMETER PROTECTION SERIES - ADAPTA: The new modular ADAPTA system combines both the practicality of the MDF system and the robustness of the HEAVY system. It is an ideal solution where there is a high risk of mechanical impact.

These excellent features are achieved by producing a frame less 4 mm steel wire panel, strengthened by a series of transverse folds at regular intervals.

The panels of the ADAPTA system are connected to the 60 mm uprights by strong retaining fasteners. Installation and dismantling is quick while, in the event of unforeseen difficulties, the frame less construction allows panel sizes to be adjusted speedily on site.
PERIMETER PROTECTION SERIES - BASIC: Protection and accident prevention system consisting of 40mm x 40mm uprights and 20mm x 20mm framed panels connected by screws or SATECH patented fast assembly clamps. It is the standard method used in all guards for plant and machinery.
PERIMETER PROTECTION SERIES - STRONG: Protection and accident prevention system consisting of 60mm x 60mm uprights and 20mm x 20mm or 30mm x 30mm panels with frames connected by SATECH patented fast assembly clamps. This series is used in heavier applications such as industrial robotics or the steel industry.
PERIMETER PROTECTION SERIES - GREEN FAST: SATECH patented protection system without uprights facilitates extra-fast assembly and features self-supporting panels with 30mm x 30mm frames and baseplates with locking fork and upper flexible coupling. The Green Fast system is fully compatible with other SATECH systems.
PERIMETER PROTECTION SERIES - MDF: An easy-to-install, innovative and economical solution, MDF combines the 40mm x 40mm posts with a frameless, specially-shaped mesh panel and is designed for quick and easy assembly.
Location Labels: We have a complete range of durable location labels to suit all manufacturers' types of racking and shelving. The range of warehouse location labels cover all environments from ambient environments through to cold stores and are all designed, manufactured and installed by our trained staff in the UK.
Safety Signs: We manufacture a range of bespoke internal and external warehouse safety signs for use in a wide area of applications in and around your building. All warehouse signs can be designed new or developed utilising existing artwork from materials for a variety of applications for short, medium or long term life spans.
Floor Marking: ASG Services are market leaders in internal line marking, providing a host of varying grades and methods of line marking products to suit floor designs and durability requirements. Our warehouse line marking solutions are both incredibly durable and smarter than any other durable solution available.
Label Holders: Ability to adapt to customer needs is crucial in providing the best customer service possible. We go that extra mile to provide ancillary products such as plastic label holders or ticket holders to be fixed to shelving or racking.
Block Stack Solutions: We offer a wide range of block stack identification solutions including, floor location labels, embedded floor labels and tags, hanging signs and barcodes, bus-stop signs and self adhesive floor labels. As a specialist in warehouse identification, ASG Services design and produce products in-house for customers with specific requirements.
Safety Barriers: Warehouse safety barriers provide vital protection for pedestrians working in busy storage facilities. Barriers provide protection but more importantly they provide a highly visual means of display which signals to a driver to keep away.
Netting Solutions: Back-of-Rack & In-Flue Safety Netting is an excellent way of preventing injury and product damage at the back of single runs and in the flue of pallet racking.

Available from our storage equipment trade division - Warehouse Partners - contact us on 01925 715761 or email
Installation: Installation plays an integral part of the turn key solutions that ASG services have to offer. When design and production are completed, a fully trained installation team will arrive at the client's site to professionally install all of its products.


ASG Services first and foremost supply the Satech perimeter machine Guarding system in the UK. Our technical expertise combined with the versatile range of Satech products ensures our customers get excellent service and the reassurance that all solutions are designed and installed to the machine directive. The key to the Satech system is the simplicity of design, ease of install and the variety of doors and accessories that make installing quicker and more cost effective than any other system on the market.

Secondly ASG Services has gained an excellent reputation for providing the most appropriate labelling and safety products to meet the specific requirements of our customers. So there is much more on offer. Providing a range of products, in each of our specialist fields, we are able to provide the optimum solution for every client from one source.

From our beginning over fifteen years ago we have been constantly developing our products and services. We have a considerable depth of knowledge in all labelling and industrial floor marking and painting systems specific to the warehousing, distribution and manufacturing industries.

Our success in developing line marking, to provide personnel segregation systems, is complemented by our other safety solutions which include machine guarding and internal security mesh, safety signage, plus barrier and column protection. Our unique product and service offering is very attractive to companies looking to satisfy all their needs from a single source.

ASG Services are here to help. So whatever your needs, however difficult or obscure, do give us a call or drop us an email.

ASG Services a trading division of Westbrook Industrial Ltd.