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Corringham Road Industrial Estate
DN21 1QB
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Managing Director: Mick Williams
Technical Director: Phil Markham
Financial Director: Andrew Trippitt


Rotary Filling Machinery: A range of rotary pot filling machines to meet its customers specific requirements and production demands.
Linear Filling Machinery: A range of Inline Pot Filling Machines to meet its customers specific requirements. Customers can choose between index/dwell or continuous motion drives. Our Inline machines are available in a range of sizes with a host of production systems and mechanisms that can be easily integrated.
Bottle Filling Machinery: CWM Automation can also offer a range of fully automatic bottle filling lines and automatic capping systems.
End of Line Machinery: CWM Automation is also able to offer a range of end of line packing systems. Our end of line packing systems use multi-axis servo drives, and can incorporate case erectors, case sealers and automatic palletising.
Bakery Machinery: CWM Automation can offer a full range of pie, pastry and bakery equipment. We can offer both semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines.



CWM USA, located in Cincinnati Ohio, is a joint Venture between CWM Automation of the United Kingdom and TSS Technologies in Cincinnati OH.


CWM Automation Ltd is a UK company based in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Formed in 2006, we are specialists in providing customers with a wide range of filling, heat sealing and lidding machinery, as well as fully automatic end of line automation solutions. Our equipment is suitable for use in different industry sectors including dairy, convenience foods, bakery, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. All our machines are individually tailored to suit our customers' specific requirements.

An established, vibrant company, CWM Automation Ltd is experiencing progressive growth at a sustainable pace whilst laying down strong foundations on which to build. The Directors are meticulous in their planning for the future and work closely with their designers to develop innovative ideas to benefit customers. Individuals within CWM Automation Ltd provide a vast amount of quality experience in the automation industry both in the Food and Non Food sectors.

CWM Automation Ltd is the reinvention of Cooper-Williams Machinery. In 2009, Technical Director Phil Markham joined the company with a remit to expand and develop the business and its customer base.

In April 2012, Williams EDI (owned by Mick Williams) merged companies with CWM Automation Ltd, providing one strong company with expertise in both mechanical and electrical engineering.