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Sales and Marketing Manager: Sam Reece
Technical Director: Alun Reece
Project Engineer: Ian Redman


Composites handling technology: Using a combination of precision gantry, robotics, vision and automation in this process; large glass or carbon composite fabrics can be laid in place using a specialist purpose built end effector. The use of automation dramatically improves the lay-up rate over manual deposition methods and automated composite inspection fulfils quality verification requirements. Composite handling and composite inspection is an emerging technology, which Loop Technology is already embarking upon second generation design.
Vision guided robot systems: Systems for handling or processing components where fixturing is not practical or too expensive. Our Robotics systems are designed for a wide range of high accuracy applications to provide a more flexible arrangement compared to traditional bespoke machinery.
Wafer handling systems: Equipment to handle photovoltaic wafers.
3D Vision systems: Evaluation of component positions in 3D spaces. With careful design we can provide systems that are not only scalable but can take advantage of future technology advances. Our services range from upgrading existing systems to complete turnkey solutions. In addition to providing static camera heads we can draw on our motion control expertise to provide a fully integrated moving camera platform, suitable for applications where access is restricted or several areas of a component need to be inspected. Loop technology's scope of knowledge includes software development, optics, lighting and enclosures to ensure the most appropriate integrated solution.
Bespoke machinery(UK): Special purpose machinery to suit customer requirements.


Loop Technology specialise in the provision of bespoke handling, assembly and inspection systems in a range of industries. These include the electronics, solar, aerospace, automotive, food and medical equipment sectors. Key skills are applied in the areas of composites, robotics, milling, motion control and machine vision to produce technologically advanced and cost effective solutions.