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Divisional Manager: Roger Payne
Marketing & Operations Group Manager: Chris Evans
National Sales Manager: Stuart Woodhead


Compact PLCs: We offer compact PLCs from 10 to 384 I/O suitable for automation applications ranging from basic sequence operation to networked systems. Mitsubishi's extensive range of controllers covers basic logic control of the Alpha series to the high performance PLC controllers of the FX Series.
Modular PLCs: We offer modular PLCs from 8 to 4098 I/O suitable for automation applications ranging from basic sequence operation to multi-processor redundant and networked systems. Our L series PLC is a powerful but compact modular controller with many features built-in to the CPU itself. With its excellent cost performance and usability it is ideal for use in mid-size control applications.
Inverters: We offer a full range of compact, energy saving and general purpose inverters ranging from 0.1 - 630kW. Based on one family platform, the 700 series of drives offers users unrivalled performance, reliability and ease of use. From the simplest to the most demanding application, we have an inverter to match your requirements.
HMIs: Mitsubishi Electric provides a broad spectrum of operating and visualisation systems, ranging from simple text-based HMI panels to full-featured industrial PCs. The series include text-based HMI panels, graphical HMI panels, HMI panels with touch screens and industrial PCs in a variety of different versions.
Robots: Mitsubishi's MELFA range of robots includes many types, covering a wide range of operation and power. The MELFA robots are designed from the ground up to cater to the needs of virtually all industrial applications, providing the flexibility you need to reconfigure your production facilities fast. With IP65/IP67 our MELFA robots are also food safe.
Servos: Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of Servo and Motion system products providing solutions for applications as simple as a single axis point-to-point system through to fully synchronised 96 axis systems. With both standard pulse type output modules and SSCNET bus modules specific application needs are easy to meet.
Low Votage Switchgear: Mitsubishi Electric low voltage switch gear reliably secure electrical equipment. The range offers a complete low voltage solution from miniature circuit breakers, motor control and protection to air circuit breakers.
Energy Management: Energy management has become more important than ever in today's manufacturing industry. Mitsubishi Electric provides the necessary manufacturing technologies and energy management products and solutions that support companies in energy monitoring and savings, that lead to increased productivity and reduced production costs.
Software: Faster program development time and simplified system installation and setup - these are two of the most basic demands for today's industrial automation solutions. The Melsoft software suite provides an integrated, programming, simulation, configuration and visualisation environment for all Mitsubishi Automation products.
Service & Support: As Industry and Manufacturing becomes more competitive, dynamic and leaner, there is little room for production downtime and time to market is critical. Therefore, a greater reliance is being placed on the speed to install, configure, adapt and maintain automation solutions. Mitsubishi's team can help you every step of the way to the level you require.
Training: Technology is moving faster than ever. Being at the fore front and creating new opportunities for system developers delivering high performance, machines and systems is critical. Companies require awareness and understanding of the latest technologies to ensure optimum performance for the full life of their systems. Mitsubishi Electric's Automation Training is a fast track to the knowledge needed to gain maximum benefit from the performance of the world's leading range of automation products.


As the UK arm of one of the world's leading manufacturing companies, Mitsubishi Electric has been supplying automation products to UK industry for many years. Automation equipment such as programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces, inverter drives, robots, low voltage switchgear and AC servos, help companies improve production & improve quality efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Mitsubishi brand name is recognised around the world as a symbol of premium quality, having both the commitment and resource to deliver it in terms of product and support. Mitsubishi UK's automation systems division has developed a number of initiatives that address issues important to corporate, end user, system integrator and OEM businesses.

In addition to our automation products and solutions, Mitsubishi is also able to offer added value services via our System Service Group ranging from breakdown and commissioning assistance, to energy audits, OEE audits and comprehensive Diamond Service Contracts which cover Mitsubishi and uniquely, multi-vendor products.