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Managing Director: Steve McKay
Technical Engineer: Ernie Fick


Stepper Motors and Stepper Drives: Include permanent magnet (PM) stepper motors and hybrid stepper motors- linear movement or rotary, from size NEMA 8 (20mm) to NEMA 42 (110mm). *** The matched stepper drives MSD / DMD series with the current up to 7.8A.
Brushed & Brushless Servo Motors and Matched Servo Drives: Brushed motors and brushless motors with AC or DC inputs, with or without feedback devices such as encoder, tachometer etc. *** Elmo(TM) servo drives include Gold-line, SimplIQ and ExtrIQ series with output current up to 150A for any environment (standard, industrial or harsh) *** Schneider Electric Lexium32 servo drives with EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, CANOpen, Profinet, Modbus protocols for processing, packaging and printing applications.
Stepper Motors or Servo Motors with Integrated Electronics: *** Schneider Electric Lexium(R) MDrive, MDrive Linear / MDrive Plus (Motor size NEMA 17 to NEMA 34), Lexium Integrated Drives ILA, ILE, ILS *** Schneider Electric Lexium32i integrated servo drive with motor (from 0.6-2.2kW). *** MBS series BLDC motors with built-in PWM controllers, size available from 16mm dia. up to 90mm dia. with outer-rotor design as an option.
Motion Controllers: single or multi-axis (up to 64-axis) motion controllers for stepper or servo control, with CANOpen, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus interface *** HMI & PLC as control panels.
Electric Linear Actuators: Rod & rodless screw or rodless belt linear electric actuators, in-line or parallel format, max. stroke up to 5100mm, max. force up to 57kN, & max. speed up to 5080mm/s; Optional stainless steel body with IP rating up to IP69K for washdown applications.
Gearboxes: Planetary gearbox, harmonic gearbox, spur gearbox and wormwheel gearbox with different gear ratio, low backlash (as low as 1 arc-min max.), high precision.
CNC Components: Ballscrews (16 & 25mm diameter, pitches in 2.5, 4, 5, 10, 20mm), ballnuts, coupling, fixed or floating mounting blocks, linear guides for high speed, rigid & high precision applications.
Robots: Collaborative robots or industrial robots, including the extensive range of COMAU robots which have a range from 1Kg up to 270Kg, with reaches in excess of 3 metres, repeatability from 0.02mm and a host of options to suit the customer applications.
Encoders: A range of incremental or absolute encoders, with a number of different feedback options. Represented brands include Bogen Electronic from Germany and Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd. from Israel.


Motion Control Products (Asia) Ltd.:

To serve the expanding Asia-pacific markets or for our European companies who have manufacturing facilities in the Far East.

Motion Control Products Ltd (USA Office):

To serve the expanding America & Canada markets or for UK/European companies who have manufacturing facilities in the USA & Canada.


Schneider Electric Motion USA:

Manufacturer for integrated stepper motors or servo motors with electronics controls (Lexium MDrive, MDrive Linear & MDrive plus) for industrial automation applications.

Tol-O-Matic Inc:

Supply electric actuators and linear motion products used in industrial applications ranging from bottle capping to spot welding and packaging to material handling since 1950s.

Bogen Electronic GmbH

Bogen develops and produces magnetic sensing heads and scales for length, rotary and angle measurement systems, ideal for metrology, microscopy, and surgical robotics applications and industries.

Elmo Motion Control:

Supply feature-rich, high power-density and ultra-compact servo drives for industrial automation or military applications.

ACS Motion Control:

Provide EtherCAT network based high performance machine control systems (single or multi-axis control) for motion applications.

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd.

High precision, low profile electric encoders for position and speed control, widely used in Robotics, medical devices, industrial automation and also suitable to use in harsh environment.


Motion Control Products Limited was founded in 1994. The business was started to create a one-stop shop, to simplify and personalise the buying experience for our customers, delivering excellence in customer service. Motion Control Products has been at the forefront of advanced motion control and automation with the supply of our extensive range of products. These include:
* DC / AC motors
* Stepper / servo motors
* Stepper / servo drives
* Integrated motors with electronics
* Electric linear actuators
* Multi-axis controllers
* Gearboxes (planetary, harmonic, spur & wormwheel gears)
* Collaborative robots & industrial robots
* Magnetic or Electric Encoders
* CNC components
to suit the widest range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) application needs in automation.

Alternatively, for simple customer requirements, a vast array of motion product combinations can be supplied from stock or on short lead-times. In all cases, customers are supported by our experienced team of technical motion specialists.

As an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited company and using the expertise the company has built over the years, MCP now offers its customers the option of a complete motion system.

With offices now located in the USA, Hong Kong and mainland China, make Motion Control Products your global automation components and system motion partner.