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Business Development: John Henry
Strategy: Aaron Dignam
Managing Director: Ken McNevin


Robotic Palletising - Depallatising - 3d Vision Solutions: Robotics and Drives specialise in High Speed Robotic Layer Palletising - up to 55 parts per minute.
Custom and Standard solutions. Using the latest in layer forming Technology and 3d Vision.
Robotic - Pick and Place - Case Loading - Case Erection: Robotics and Drives specialise in High Speed Robotic solutions for all types of Robotic Packing applications.
Both Custom and Standard solutions are available.
Integrated labelling and closing systems can also be supplied.
Robotic Labelling - Barcode - Vision: Robotics and Drives Specialise in custom Robotic Labelling solutions - for placing labels on multiple sides of cases - for placing labels on abnormal shapes - for placing multiple labels on moving product -
labelling integrated using 3d Vision and the latest barcode reading technology.
Robotic Assembly - Cobotics - Yumi: Robotics and Drives Specialise in custom Robotic Solutions for Robotic Assembly and Cobotics - safety systems and certification included - Using the ABB Yumi.
Robotic Cornerpost Application - Wrapping: Robotics and Drives Specialise in custom Robotic Solutions Application of Cornerposts for Palletising Applications and Pallet Wrapping, Stacking and labelling.
Robotic Tray Loading - Unloading: Robotics and Drives Specialise in custom Robotic tray loading and unloading solutions - high tech vacuum technology - cases - pouches - bottles - bags - sachets - boxes.
Robotic Lean Equipment: Robotics and Drives offers a lean range of palletising and handling equipment to suit all applications.
Palletising - Picking - Case Packing.
Robotic Case Opening and Closing Systems: Robotics and Drives offers a full range of Robotic case opening and closing systems for all cut types, case sizes and types.


John Henry:

Robotics and Drives Head Office
Mullingar, Ireland

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Robotics and Drives is Innovative Robotics Solutions Provider that supply systems globally and are the worlds first ABB Authorised Value Provider, Robotics and Drives supply Specialised Robotic Systems for High Speed Palletising, Stacking, Wrapping, Tracking, 3d Vision ,Cornerpost Application as well as Case Packing, PickPlace and Assembly solutions using the latest Robotic and Cobotic Solutions, these systems can be used in conjunction with operators and include the latest in safety technology. RDS can supply full solutions or else be part of a larger integrated project. With Onsite customer test facilities, R&D development suites plus complete Robotic training and aftersales support RDS can deliver your complete solution.