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Managing Director: Mr Alan Reeves
Sales Manager: Mr Kevin Brown
Product Manager - Presence Detection: Mr David Hannaby
Product Manager - Safety Systems: Mr Sebastian Strutt
Product Manager - Auto Ident: Mr Mark Harris
Product Manager - Imaging & Measurement: Mr Neil Sandhu
Manager - Regional Sales: Mr Glynn Edwards
Marketing Communications Manager: Ms Andrea Hornby
Product Manager - Encoders & Instrumentation: Mr Darren Pratt


Industrial Sensors: As a technology and market leader, SICK sensor and application solutions for factory and process automation cover a vast range. From sensors for detecting and positioning, and intelligent camera systems for inspection, to complex sensors for colour, contrast and distance detection. SICK has the right solution for you.
Industrial Safety Systems: Safety Light Curtains, Proximity Laser Scanners, Safety Camera systems, Safety Switches, Relays, Controllers and Network Solutions, all ensure effective personal protection against accidents in automated production processes.
Auto Identification: Auto Ident solutions including Fixed-position Bar-code Reading Devices, Hand-held Scanners, 2D Camera-based Code Readers, RFID, 2D & 3D Vision and Laser Measurement technology for reliable identification and detection.
Motion Control: Paths, position, angle - an encoder from SICK is the first choice when it comes to precise position detection in industrial automation. All types - incremental, absolute, wire draw and linear encoders - will give you robust and exact position detection in all kinds of applications.
Industrial Instrumentation: Level sensors for liquid and bulk solid measurement. Pressure switches and transmitters for monitoring and measurement of liquids and gases. Temperature sensors range including screw-in and insertion thermometers for high-quality solutions for contact temperature measurement in liquids and gases.
Training: Machinery Directive Safety Standards training delivered by SICK experts, who have an active role into the formation of key standards. Specific product training, across the SICK range, is offered to suit your requirements.


SICK AG, Waldkirch, Germany:

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Over 50 subsidiaries and holdings worldwide.


Sick AG, Germany:

(Parent Company & Head Office)
Erwin-Sick-Str. 1 79183 Waldkirch, Germany
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SICK has been operating for over 70 years, and for 45 years in the UK . The global group are one of the world's leading suppliers of Industrial Sensors, Industrial Safety Systems, Auto Identifications Systems and Environmental Process Automation.

SICK's wide range of highly developed products and comprehensive expertise can be found in use throughout industrial automation.

SICK sensors, safety systems and bar code scanners optimise production and logistical processes and contribute towards improved product quality and throughput.

At SICK we know that it's not just about providing the right technology, but also about offering a comprehensive, easily accessible package of service and support through our experienced Sales Engineers, Product Support staff and Service Engineers.