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Head of UK Subsidiary: Martin Preece


Gearheads and Gearboxes: Full range of Gearbox technologies for Servo, Stepper or AC Motors.
Gearbox Technologies Manufactured - Planetary, Right Angled, Helical Bevel, Worm and Wheel.
Solid Shaft, Hollowbore or Hollowbore with Shrinkdisc
ATEX, Stainless Steel and Wash Down variants.
Servo Geared Motors for 3rd Party Drives: Servo Motors configured for 3rd party drive manufacturers including Siemens, Kollmorgen, Control Techniques, Beckhoff, Bosch and B&R.
Rack and Pinion Systems: ZV Range of Low Cost Gearboxes with Rack and Pinion Drives - complete drive system solution for most Pick and Place and Linear Axes.
Hollow Shaft Motors: EZHD are extremely short hollow shaft Motors and include a large internal bore of upto 45 mm. This dimension allows for reliable feeding of power cables, hydraulic hoses, pneumatic pipes, or maybe drive shafts etc.
Ballscrew Motors: EZM/EZS are compact Servo Motors for the direct driving of ballscrews. EZM a hollowbore motor that accepts DIN standard ballscrews of up to 32mm dia. EZS a motor with Shrinkdisc to clamp directly to a ballscrew shaft without couplings or additional bearings.
Servo Drives / Amplifiers: Programmable Power Electronics for Servo Motors. Fieldbus capabilities include CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT. Current ratings of 1.5A to 80 Amps.
Motion Controllers: MC6 MultiAxis Controller - CODESYS programming environment with CNC functionality, via EtherCAT. Cabinet or Touchscreen variants. Control of up to 100 Axes possible.
Lean Motors: Our LeanMotor offers you a world first. The new motor class is significantly lighter and smaller than an asynchronous motor with the same output. You benefit from the following:
- Up to 96% efficiency, IE5.
- Higher acceleration ability than asynchronous motors
- Lower space requirement in your machine
- Dynamic regulation of speed and torque at lower speeds and when stalling without an encoder
- Low energy consumption and a long service life
SI6 Drive Controllers: Drive control in multi-axis drive systems. Positioning accuracy (up to 37 bit) in conjunction with Heidenhain encoders EnDat(R) 2.2 digital or HIPERFACE(R) DSL (up to 32 bit) from SICK Stegmann. More than 33 million positions are recorded per revolution. Simply assembly on the standard busbar 5 x 12 mm with Quick DC-Link. Electronic motor rating plate thanks to encoder systems HIPERFACE(R) DSL and EnDat(R) 2.2 digital. Safety: STO (”Safe Torque Off”) controlled via terminals or via Fail Safe over EtherCAT(R) (FSoE). Communication via Ethernet-based fieldbus systems such as EtherCAT(R) and PROFINET(R). Determination of the fieldbus communication by the firmware. CIA 402 device profile for seamless integration in Controller Based and Drive Based Solutions.
SC6 Drive Controllers: Our more compact version for the encoderless Lean motor. The compact stand-alone SC6 drive controller allows for sensorless control of STOBER LM series Lean motors. These motors provide energy efficiency at the performance level of a synchronous servo motor. They also guarantee high investment protection, thanks to energy efficiency class IE5 and the corresponding higher efficiency compared to IE4 asynchronous motors. However, the SC6 can also be used in combination with asynchronous motors or synchronous servo motors with encoders (e.g. the STOBER EZ series). The SC6 drive controller is available in three sizes up to 19 A: sizes 0 and 1 as a double-axis controller, size 2 as a single-axis controller. Various safety options are also available.
Software for Motion Controllers: AS6 AutomationControlSuite
The AS6 AutomationControlSuite development environment covers all functions included in CODESYS V3 for Motion Control (PLCopen, DIN 66025) and for PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) (IEC 61131-3). High performance Drive&Motion libraries are available for creating programs. Furthermore the convenient quick start-up was the focus - without programing effort and within a few minutes.

Synchronous Servo Geared Motors: With the wide selection of right-angle, inline and offset geared motors synchronous servo geared motors offer the best choice for application-optimized servo axes. Highly dynamic and compact drive unit consisting of an EZ motor and a gear unit.


Stoeber Antriebstechnik:

STOBER has been manufacturing Automation Drive Solutions for the OEM marketplace.


Worldwide Sales and Service network to support STOBER Products and Solutions.


STOBER is a manufacturer of Automation Drive Solutions for the OEM marketplace.

Built upon years of tradition we have established our unique Modular Systems, for Servo (SMS), AC Asynchronous (MGS) and Drive Electronics (SDS/SD6/SI6/SC6) these product families offer an uncompromised platform in providing precision drive solutions. Planetary Gearboxes either Inline or Right Angled designs - for low backlash (from 1arc/min), high running accuracy and precision, high torque with low noise. Helical Geared units with selectable backlash options or in multi-ratio gearbox design combinations, torques upto 45,000Nm in compact designs. ATEX, Food and Beverage grade units. Coupled with our digital Servo and AC Motor ranges offering CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and capacities upto 80 Amps with various high resolution feedback systems.

This package of inbuilt drive intelligence and Motion Controllers allows the selection of a flexible and user friendly motion control platform.