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Robot Associations

BARA is a member organisation of the IFR or International Federation of Robotics which represents similar, but predominantly robotic interests, on a global scale. There are many other robotics based organisations around the world including The Australian Robot Association and in the USA, the Robotic Industries Association.


EAMA Membership Logo

The Engineering and Machinery Alliance (EAMA) is an umberella organisation which represents SME manufacturers, raising awareness within government to improve their knowledge and understanding of UK Manufacturers.

The handbook, to help UK manufacturers make it, iis available by clicking here - downloadable pdf

Robot Web Sites

The Robot online web-site is available here. People may find the tips for successfully applying robots section or their new to robotics sections particularly useful.

Academic Research Groups

BARA is now run from the PPMA in Wallington, Surrey and maintains close links with the University of Warwick's Manufacturing Group.

There is an EC thematic network for walking and climbing robots coordinated by the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

In the robotics research arena there are a wide range of Universities which have robotics sections such as Queen's University, Belfast.

Also major organisations have robotics groups who encourage active research and development projects such as Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).


There are a few robotics based publications worthy of note, some of which have web sites, the following links provide further details of these.

Industrial Robot is a down to earth application research based journal but with some of the further sighted research included. Assembly Automation is from the same stable as Industrial Robot, and follows a similar ethos with a large amount of application details, as well as research material. is the trade magazine for the automation industry. They also publish a systems integrator's handbook and run a range of industry directories on their web site. BARA are a regular contributor. Engineering is a broad based magazine covering a large number of subjects.They publish a supplement 'Automation and Robotics' annually, in conjunction with BARA. is a website and free email newsletter that carries technical articles, application stories, product announcements and news relating to products, systems and standards/regulations pertinent to all types of machinery and automation. Process Industry Informer is a journal for managers and engineers in the process engineering, chemical engineering, process control and instrumentation, process manufacturing and process industry related disciplines.


Developed by the Health and Safety Executive in partnership with Butterworths Tolley, HSEDirect is an online health and safety information resource. It allows instant access for those requiring health and safety legislation and guidance. With varied subscription options, HSEDirect is ideal for health and safety professionals, managers, trainers, consultants and union representatives - in fact, anyone with an interest in health and safety.

The British Council Research in Robotics page offers information about robotics research, study, and funding in the UK.

For information on sensors try Sensorland. The UK Industrial Vision Association website is also worth a look.

One or two world renown organisations are very interested in robotics as an element of major projects such as NASA Robotics, ESA Automation and Robotics.

C-ELROB aims to bridge the gap between users, industry and research regarding robotics and is set up as a co-operation between representatives from these fields.

It is open to:

  • Users: These are (future) professional users of robots.
  • Industry: These are designers and manufacturers of integrated ground robots focusing on considered domains.
  • Research: These are universities and other research institutes focusing on (partial) solutions relevant to the considered domains (e.g.: sensor technology or outdoor navigation).

ELROB as an event aims to bring together users, industry and researchers.

Roboutique is a portal for the robotics community that connects students and hobbyists of all ages with industry professionals and the companies that design, manufacture, distribute and market robots and robotic parts, from entertainment to outer space. In doing so, Roboutique aims to nurture a broader understanding of the global impact of the robotic revolution, promote robotics to the general public, and most importantly, inspire today's youth to lead us in to the future.

The Manufacturer (to register for the weekly newsletter, sent by email)

IFR International Robotics

The element14 robotics group provides Application Notes, White Papers and Training from experts and component providers.


World Robotics

Executive Summary of World Robotics 2012

Industrial Robots

Industrial Robots (Click cover to view purchase options)

This unique publication presents comprehensive global statistics on industrial robots in uniform tables allowing consistent country comparisons. It contains detailed statistical data for some 40 countries, broken down by application areas, industrial branches, types of robots and by other technical and economic variables.

Industrial Robots

Service Robots (Click cover to view purchase option)

This unique publication presents comprehensive global statistics on service robots, market analysis and case studies. The study is evaluated in cooperation with our partner the Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart, Germany.