Bara Subgroups

The following special interest groups (SIGs) are available to members of the British Automation and Robot Association.

Advanced Robotics Special Interest Group

The aims and objectives of the Advanced Robotics SIG are to promote communication amongst groups working in this area and to bring the advanced robotics world into the main stream of industry.

Aerospace Special Interest Group

The Aerospace Special Interest Group has been founded to address these issues and to develop a greater understanding of the industry's specific requirements and the unique constraints within which it has to operate.

Control System Security Special Interest Group

This SIG's goal is to promote best practice in securing control systems and network architectures. With the convergence of control and IT environments, there are many advantages to utilising networks based upon internet technologies. However, the wider use of internet technologies has given rise to concerns regarding potential vulnerabilities and the impact upon control systems.

Industrial Robot Suppliers Special Interest Group

The aims and objectives of the Robot Suppliers SIG are to promote better co-operation between supplier groups and to bring new supplier types into the association.

Robot Users Special Interest Group

We have a strategy which we hope will allow the SIG to develop into something that users will benefit from and which will help the BARA to focus its services towards users.

Safety Special Interest Group

With the introduction of new standards and technologies fundamentally changing the approach to safety engineering, this Special Interest Group has the opportunity to educate BARA members - both vendors and end-users, influence standards committees and act as a forum for the promotion of best practice within industry.

System Integrators Special Interest Group

The System Integrator SIG focus is to assist users or potential users in the successful application of technology.