Aerospace Special Interest Group

The Aerospace Special Interest Group has been founded to address these issues and to develop a greater understanding of the industry's specific requirements and the unique constraints within which it has to operate.

Group Objectives

The effects of increasing cost pressures and ever more rigorous health and safety legislation are driving aerospace companies to switch from a manual and craft based manufacturing approach to a more automated and flexible method. However, many of the currently available automated systems do not meet the industry's requirements and the needs of individual companies are often seen in isolation rather than as having sector wide relevance.

Group Aims

To provide a forum for the exchange of best practice and requirements between UK aerospace companies and automation equipment suppliers.

To identify and exploit synergies across the sector and use these to generate critical mass for both automation users and suppliers.

To identify potential collaborative research and development opportunities.

Forthcoming Events: An open event will be held shortly to formally launch the group.

Aerospace SIG Membership

The SIG council is comprised of representatives from the UK's leading aerospace manufacturing companies. The current members include:

BAE Systems
Jon Carbery (

Bombardier Aerospace PLC.
Paul Frazer ( )

Airbus UK
Mark Summers ( )

The University of Cranfield.
Phil Webb (Chair)( )

Membership: All membership enquiries should be directed to Dr. Phil Webb (