Robot Users Special Interest Group


Please read our aims and objectives below before you proceed further. We have a strategy which we hope will allow the SIG to develop into something that users will benefit from and which will help the BARA to focus its services towards users.

Group Aims and Objectives

To encourage and promote the beneficial usage of robotics in UK Industry where appropriate. Not any application will lend itself to robotics or would benefit either the user or the process. However many do and identifying the right ones is often difficult for both the novice and experienced user alike.

To create a dynamic environment in which users are aided and assisted with the many new issues created by the introduction of new technology. Be it training, programming operation or maintenance, new ideas and mind sets will be required to effectively handle the technology.

To promote communication between suppliers, systems integrators and end users to enable the uptake of the new technologies in a wider environment. By aiding this flow of information, new markets and applications should emerge for robotics making it a main stream technology adopted more freely.

The SIG Council

The User Group SIG council comprises a Chairperson, secretary and associated members, the details are listed below:

The Chair for this group is Roger Larcombe

Roger is a Manufacturing Systems Engineer at Magna Interior Systems Ltd., located at their site in Lenham, Kent. Magna Interior Systems is a Major first tier Automotive components supplier manufacturing vehicle interior trim parts for all the major european automotive OEMs. Components from the Lenham site are mainly interior trims moulded from Polyurethane based materials although a range of other material technologies are used to support the primarty products. Roger has worked in the design and implementation of automated manufacturing systems, many including PLC's and robotics, since completing an apprenticepship with Telemecanique, now part of Group Schneider.

Due to his work, Roger is primarily interested in the effective and beneficial implemntation of all forms of automation and robotics. In the Kent plant Magna use a wide variety of PLCs, computer based automation, instrumentation, robotics and other similar technologies. Magna design and build their own automation and do not rely on outside suppliers or systems houses for either software design and development or hardware design and assembly. All systems are internally designed, built in-house, programmed, comissioned and of course over the long term maintained.

Roger has a wide experience of PLC design and programming as well as robot application. Therefore he sees the future of BARA in that direction moving away from being solely a Robot Association towards being a more widely scoped automation body. Hopefully the users SIG will be a major force in carrying out this task of changing the focus of BARA with the help of members from all groups.

You can email any comments about BARA in general, or the users SIG in particular to; Roger Larcombe at:

The Secretary for this group is Rick Walker

Rick is an Automation Systems Engineer with Pilkington Glass and has extensive experience in the installation of capital plant of all types within the Pilkington Group accross the UK. Rick has had dealings with many major equipment suppliers and is eperienced at negotiation and effective application

Associate Member for this group is Steve Brown

Steve also works for Pilkington Glass in the application of robotics in their manufacturing processes. Watch this space for a CV in due course.

Current Strategy

The strategy of the group, which is fairly newly formed, is:

  1. To develop FAQ lists for industrial robotics systems. These will be split by category and cover subject areas such as Terminology, Advice for new buyers, Advantages and benefits of implementing robotics, Safety, peerformance measurement and assesment.
  2. To develop networking and contact lists amongst users to allow free movement of information between experienced and inexperienced users.
  3. To create a lobbying group to liase with suppliers and systems builders to drive the technology down routes that we need them to. Also to arrange cost benefits for members on projects.
  4. To acredit courses for industrial real world robotics which can be recognised as part of the NVQ system.
  5. To further develop this website and its range of available information for members. This may include the data file and other BARA documents as a series of downloadable pdf file.

Please help us by emailing your ideas and requests

Robot Users SIG Membership Examples

  • Airflow Streamlines PLC
  • COWI Consulting Engineers
  • Crathie Manufacturing
  • Kellogg Co. Uk Limited
  • Magna Interior Systems Ltd
  • MEM Limited
  • Parametal
  • Pilkington Technology Centre
  • Recall Technical Services
  • Triplex Safety Glass Limited
  • Unison, T. J. P. Electronics Ltd
  • The W T C Group Limited
  • Waycroft Computer Services

To Join this Group

If you are interested in joining the SIG then please email us and leave a note to the Associations Secretariat containing your details and we will contact you.